Accused Morgan County Murderer's Trial Set For October

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Robin Mapel, the man accused of kidnapping and murdering his wife Melissa Patrick, was arraigned today after being indicted by a Morgan County Grand Jury.

Police say Mapel was also shot by Patrick's father and was visibly still injured today as he walked into the courtroom. The judge decided to set a trial date for October 2009.

27NEWSFIRST also spoke with Patrick's mother, Sue Perkins who says she doesn't plan on attending any of the court proceedings when it comes to Mapel.

Perkins says she never wants to see him again, but was nearly forced to at a recent custody hearing involving Mapel and Patrick's 18 month old son. Perkins says Mapel waived his rights to appear because of his injuries.

The commonwealth attorney expects the trial to take two weeks and says it will pursue the death penalty, something Perkins isn't sure about. She says he deserves it but would also like Mapel to think about what he's allegedly done.

Mapel's next court appearance for this case will be in February.

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