Testimony Heard In Child Killing

New disturbing details come out today in the case of a Lexington toddler who was raped and murdered. Her babysitter is facing charges.

Today the man police say is responsible for Katelyn Stinnett's death appeared in court, as police outlined their case against him.

At times it was almost more than 2-year old Katelyn Stinnett's mother and aunt could bear to hear. Lexington detectives outlined, for the first time, what they say happened the day the little girl was attacked by the man who was supposed to be taking care of her.

There were tears in the courtroom as 18-year old Brian Crabtree entered this morning.

The lead detective in the case then took the stand saying Crabtree admitted to throwing Katelyn to the floor from the height of his shoulders, causing her to hit her head.

That's when police say he told them he sexually assaulted and raped the toddler. Sergeant Jesse Harris says he did first deny it all, but later relented.

Sergeant Harris went on to say that Katelyn's three-year old brother was home at the time of the abuse. He says the little boy told detectives, "Brian hit sissy."

Today the judge ordered the case moved to the grand jury.

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