Two Dead After Car Slides Into Flood Waters

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Ice roads are to blame for an accident in Harlan County. Two men died another two made it out alive.

The four men, 34 year old Benjamin Blanton II, 31 year old Kevin Jewell, 31 year old Gary Shackleford, and 43 year old Roger Gibson, were on the way home from work at a Harlan County coal mine early Friday morning when the car slid off Kentucky 221 into a water filled culvert.

The car first flipped upside down before entering the water trapping both Blanton and Jewell inside, the other two men were able to get out on their own, make it to a trailer where they waited for help.

The two trapped inside however were pulled out by police with the help of three different emergency crews. Blanton's wife tells 27NEWSFIRST that she woke up around one Friday morning with a bad feeling. She would later learn the awful truth, her husband of 10 years was gone.

Blanton also has three children two girls, four months old and four years old, and a 10 year old son. Jewell also leaves behind a wife and two kids.

We're told Gibson is a little shaken up after the accident but otherwise alright, no word on Shackleford's condition.

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