Quilting Group Robbed

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As the holidays approach and the recession gets worse, many people are turning to crime to get by. It's so bad, someone stole from a quilting circle in Lexington.

About once a week for the past several years, this quilting group has been getting together.

"We are on a first name basis," said Cindy Ford.

Ford says the quilting group is about 20 women strong. At a recent gathering, though, their usual good time took a bizarre turn.

"As one woman was leaving she noticed her wallet was gone," Ford said. "Then more women found out they too were robbed."

In all, eight women were missing either cash, their ATM card or major credit cards. The thefts were committed inside the home where the party was being held as well as outside.

"As I went out to my car, I noticed my car was unlocked, I looked inside my purse and my credit car was missing," said Ford.

The owner of the home says she was shocked.

"It was hard to believe that someone would do this," said Dona Nesemeier.

Nesemeier says she immediately called police. \

Then the women began wondering how someone could get away with such a crime when there were so many people around.

"You don't want to blame your friends, but you can't help but think it might be somebody in our circle," said Doris Williams. "The only other option, somebody off the streets."

And if the thief is one of their friends and the really needed the money, these women say, all they had to do is ask.

"If I had known, one of my friends needed money this badly, I would have gladly given it to them," Ford went on to say.

Police are investigating the thefts, but at this time don't have any leads or a suspect.

If caught, the thief could face felony theft charges.

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