Across Mideast, Arabs Hail Shoe-Hurling Journalist

BAGHDAD (AP) - An Iraqi reporter is a shoe-in for man of the
hour among Arabs in many parts of the Middle East for his insult to
President George W. Bush.
Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets today to demand the
release of the man who threw his shoes at Bush, a gesture that's
considered a sign of contempt.
And Arabs across the Middle East hailed the journalist as a hero
and praised his insult as a proper send-off to the unpopular U.S.
An Iraqi official says the journalist (Muntadhar al-Zeidi), who
was kidnapped by militants last year, is being held by Iraqi
security. He's being questioned about whether anybody paid him to
throw his shoes at Bush during a news conference the previous day
in Baghdad.
The incident is providing fodder for jokes and it's being hailed
by the president's many critics in the region.

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