Questions Surround McCreary County Man's Death

Lawrence Waters’ 5 daughters began a frantic search for their father last Wednesday, when he never showed up to pick up their mother at a Scott County, Tennessee hospital.

“Me and my sisters were out treading snow, searched up and down Highway 27, we searched the whole county….we walked ditchlines,” said Waters’ daughter, Millie King.

Four days after he was last seen, Waters’ truck was found in New River, south of Huntsville Tennessee, at least 30 minutes from his home. How he died remains under investigation and his family does not understand why he ended up so far south.

“That concerns our family so much, we don’t now what happened. Maybe he got confused, maybe he had an onset of dementia, he never had that before,” said King.

Police say they believe it was just an accident and they do not suspect foul play. Waters body was sent to Knoxville for an autopsy.

Weather could have played a role in Waters running off the road..and into the river.

“The way we understand it that morning, it was raining real hard, you can see where he left the roadway and went down an embankment and then into the river,” said McCreary County Sheriff Gus Skinner.

King says her father hardly ever left home, but when he did she says he was usually spending time with his family.

“He loved his grandkids very much, he was such a caring person, he loved his kids, he was so proud of us,” said King.

Waters family was told speed could have played a role in the crash which they say is strange, because their father was known to never drive fast.

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