School Bus Overturns In Eastern Kentucky

Five students and their school bus driver are recovering after their bus went off a narrow road and overturned into a creek in Knott County.

The driver and four students were taken to the hospital Tuesday morning.

It happened on Sassafras Creek Road in a rural part of Knott County.

“It's been breaking off for a long time. People almost drive over there,” Cassandra Adams said.

Tuesday morning a school bus did.

“I heard a big noise and I went out to see and I seen the bus lying in the creek,” David Gibson said.

David Gibson says two older boys on the bus helped get the younger kids out an emergency exit.

Gibson says he also climbed in to help the driver, then brought them all to his home to wait for an ambulance.

“We went over there and administered first aid until the ambulance got here,” Phillip Mullins said.

“My granddaughter was getting ready to get on that bus and a little kid, when you see blood on someone like that, lord I'll do anything for a kid, I don't care. any kid,” Gibson said.

He's thankful they left this bus with no serious injuries.

That little girl had minor surgery to stitch up her mouth.

We're told the driver, Rebecca Amburgey, and the other students are doing better.

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