Woman Accused Of Trying To Kill Grandfather With Antifreeze

Leonard Walls says when his grand daughter, Brittany Ann Miller stayed with him, she would often make him coffee.

“I noticed the coffee tasted different, but I didn't think of that,” said Walls.

He now believes Miller was trying to poison him and police say it was with antifreeze.

“Who would think of your grand daughter putting that in your coffee?” asked Walls.

Walls says his grand daughter was to inherit a trust fund upon his death.

“I loved her. Very much. Too much….. I still love her, but I wouldn't want her to stay with me,” he said.

The indictment states that the alleged poisonings happened in February 2008, but Walls didn't learn about it until he was a patient at Lexington's Veterans Administration Hospital.

“I got to feeling real weird, I called my neighbor to take me to the hospital, and you know, I don't think any other hospital would have looked for antifreeze. And that's what it was,” said Walls.

Miller is charged with criminal attempt to commit murder. Her bond was set at $10,000 cash.

“I just can't imagine anyone doing this to someone, especially their grandfather,” said Casey County Sheriff Jerry Coffman.

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