Investigators Await Autopsy Results In Pawn Shop Death

A death investigation is underway after police say a man died outside a pawnshop in Powell County.

Police say 62 year old Donald Norris lived in the M&S Variety Pawn Shop on 7th Avenue in Clay City. They say at 4:30 Wednesday morning Norris called 911 claiming two people were attempting to break into the pawn shop.

When police arrived at the store they say Norris told them the suspects had fled in a particular direction. Police searched the neighborhood for suspects, but they didn't find anyone. State police say when they came back to the store to continue to question Norris about the incident, they found him unresponsive, lying the the parking lot.

Medical assistance was called and Norris was transported to the Clark County Hospital, where he died shortly after.

State police say at this point in the investigation there are no signs of a struggle or injuries to Norris. An autopsy is pending at the State Medical Examiner's Office in Frankfort for the cause of Norris' death.

State police tell us Norris was an overseer, night watchman at the pawn shop and lived in an apartment within the store.

Police say the only description they received of the suspects is that each had on a black hooded shirt.

So far no arrests have been made in the death investigation.

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