Burglaries Baffle Danville Clinic Doctor

There’s a lot of damage still visible on doors and windows at the Danville Interventional Pain Center.

“You can see where the desk is still messed up where he stepped over here,” says office manager Mary Vest, pointing to a desk where a thief stepped after breaking through a window.

Broken windows, blinds, and even door frames where burglars have forced their way in. But what they’re after, Doctor Khursheed Siddiqui, says he doesn’t have.

“Thieves are looking for narcotics, drugs, to get high on, guess what? None of that stuff is here, we don’t use it,” he says.

Instead, Doctor Siddiqui uses interventional or non narcotic pain management. But he’s baffled by the crooks persistence.

“They not only break through the door, they break through the whole frame,” says Dr. Siddiqui.

So he’s taking steps to send a message to the thieves, like a sign informing potential burglars that he doesn’t have narcotics. And he’s even leaving the lights on at night, and blinds open.

“Nothings in here, and if someone comes in, someone else can potentially see them,” said Dr. Siddiqui.

The only thing thieves were able to get were syringes and numbing medication…items clinic workers say probably were not the their intended targets.

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