Gov. Beshear Holds News Conferences Across State On Budget Proposal

The governor is gathering support for his proposed budget to solve a $456 million budget shortfall.

On Wednesday, Governor Steve Beshear was joined by local community leaders as he plans to tour the state gathering support for his plan. The governor unveiled his proposal to solve the budget crisis last week.

He says he will now hold a series of news conferences around the state to show how this proposal will affect different communities across the commonwealth.

After revealing his proposal last week, Gov. Beshear is now touring the state to gather support for his plan to tackle a near half a billion dollar shortfall, starting with Fayette County.

The governor's plan calls for increasing the cigarette tax 70 cents and dipping into rainy day funds. He once again made his priorities clear, to protect education, health care, and public safety.

The plan would protect kindergarten through 12th's SEEK money, which is schools' basic funding source and protect health care, like medicaid and mental health. SEEK is state funding that stands for Support, Education, Excellence, in Kentucky.

Local leaders came together in support of the governor's plan from Fayette County Superintendent Stu Silberman to UK President Lee Todd.

Many of the local leaders are now calling for legislators to take action fast and support the governor's plan.

The local leaders really supported that increased cigarette tax not only to increase revenue in the state but as a health initiative.

The governor says he would like a resolution before the end of January.

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