Lexington Unveils "Magic Salt" To Battle Slick Roads

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The Division of Streets, Roads and Forestry announced its use of "Magic Salt" this winter. The product is environmentally-friendly and more effective than ordinary rock salt.

"Magic Salt" consists of rock salt and a blend of magnesium chloride and a byproduct of bourbon! Some even say the new salt smells like chocolate.

Leo McMillen, Dir. of Division of Streets and Roads, says, " It's less corrosive on our roads and bridges. The new blend keeps allows us to use less salt and it's more effective."

Ordinary rock salt loses its effectiveness once temperatures drop into the lower 20's. "Magic Salt" is effective down to a temperature of 5 degrees.

Lexington has purchased 300 gallons of the magnesium chloride solution.

Mayor Jim Newberry says, " I hope at the end of the day it will save us a lot of money."

The "magic salt"' is only being used on a trial-run basis in Lexington It's already being used in Louisville and across other parts of the mid-west.

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