Bullet Rips Through Kentucky School Bus Window

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It's a chilling sight on a central Kentucky school bus: the remains of a window, shattered by a bullet.

State police are trying to figure out just who fired at the Estill County bus as it drove down Barnes Mountain Road near the Lee County line on Wednesday afternoon.

A bullet crashed through the back seat window of school bus that had just dropped off 30 students.

No one was hurt, but the school district is not taking the matter lightly, saying they plan to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Superintendent Bert Hensley says someone fired a shot at the bus as it was stopped at a stop sign.

Only the driver and the bus aide were on board at the time. Hensley says after the shot was fired, the driver got off the bus and looked around for the person responsible but didn't find anyone.

The matter has now been turned over to the State Police.

Meanwhile, the driver is back at work and will be accompanied by a resource officer on the bus route while the investigation continues.

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