Education Commissioner Resigns

Kentucky's Education Commissioner is stepping down.

Jon Draud made the announcement Friday, after just one year on the job.

Since suffering a mild stroke in September, Draud, now 70, has been trying to get back on his feet.

Friday he said the illness has caused him to rethink his priorities.

Draud was selected as the Education Commissioner of Kentucky in November of last year while he was serving as republican state representative.

He has an extensive background in education, first as a teacher, then a principal and later a superintendent.

Kentucky Board of Education chair Joe Brothers accepted Draud's resignation and said he expects to see him advocating for public education in his retirement years.

Governor Steve Beshear issued the following statement Friday morning:

"I want to thank Jon Draud for his distinguished career and longstanding commitment to public service in Kentucky, particularly our children. I also wish to extend to Jon my best wishes for his continued and full recovery. As this transition of leadership occurs, I look forward to working with the Board of Education as a new leader is chosen who will move Kentucky forward in our efforts to create the best educational system in America. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to reach that goal - for our children and for our state's future."

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