Caught On Tape: They Broke But Could Not Enter

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Two men smash a window and grab what they can. Now, the owner of the discount tobacco store wants you to help identify the criminals.

The Discount Tobacco Zone on North Broadway in Lexington was the target of a breaking and entering on December 16th. The whole thing was caught on the store's surveillance cameras.

The owner says the two burglars started their stakeout around one in the morning, looking for an easy way in. An hour and a half later, they settled on the drive through window.

Using a rock and a hearty throw, one man broke the window, then tried to squeeze his way in, but the hole was too small.

The other man then grabbed a stick and tried fishing for things to steal, unsuccessfully.

The men then resorted to stealing whatever they could grab, getting away with about 200 dollars worth of tobacco products.

The store's owner says he's aware that the drive through window can make him an easy target but says it's also how he does 70% of his business.

He says that is why he invested in a surveillance system in the first place.

Anyone with information on who these two men might be is asked to call Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at 877-970-2020. You don't have to give your name, and you could receive a reward.

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