Lincoln Firefighters Battle House Fire, Bitterly Cold Conditions

No one was home early Monday morning when a fire started in the basement of a Lincoln County home on Ky. 1948.

“When I saw smoke coming out of the vents, that's when I called 911,” said neighbor Morris Saylor.

Firefighters arrived quickly enough to knock down the flames but temperatures were only in the single digits when they arrived.

“It's very difficult. We had one butterfly valve that froze and busted on one of the trucks,” said Lincoln County Fire Chief Danny Glass.

Still, the outside of the home remains intact. But the family, on vacation in Tennessee when the fire broke out, says they've still lost everything.

“There's still quite a bit of damage, smoke throughout, water damage, you're still going to have to replace a lot of the interior as far as walls and stuff,” said Glass.

The cause remains under investigation, but the fire chief says that ‘suspicious’ is too strong of a word to describe it, but he's curious about the cause because he thinks it originated in an area that didn't have electricity.

The family will have a lot of rebuilding to do.

“Well it's bad, I hate it for them, but it might be a good thing. They might have been in there asleep,” said Saylor.

No one was hurt, and the family says they have insurance.

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