Saving Christmas For Sick Kids

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They said they needed help and viewers answered the call. Dozens of volunteers poured in, along with presents and wrapping paper donations.

Rusty, muddy water from a malfunctioning sprinkler system soaked and destroyed hundreds of toys intended to be given to sick kids at the Ronald McDonald House in Lexington.

Workers say the sprinkler system broke on Monday morning and began raining down muck from the ceiling.

"I just felt like crying", said the Executive Director Sarah Wagner. But Wagner can't cry. She had a house full of sick kids and their parents who need Christmas gifts.

But people from around the state came through in a big way. They donated gifts to replace the waterlogged ones.

Now, they say they need help of a different kind. They need people to come help wrap the newly acquired gifts but also to do work around the house.

Anyone who can help should call the Ronald McDonald Charities Of The Bluegrass at (859) 268-0757.

The Ronald McDonald House is located behind Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington.

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