City Going Evergreen For Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, the city of Lexington is going evergreen by offering e-waste recycling year round.

There is no coincidence in the timing, since this is the season for giving.

Fayette County has the place for receiving the old electronics that will be replaced with new ones.

From computers to TV's, and basically anything that can be plugged in, now year-round people have a place to go to recycle electronics, some of the items even contain harmful metals that the Fayette County officials want to make sure stays out of landfills.

So, they've decided to extend e-waste recycling year round. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays you can recycle from 8 to noon and on Wednesday through Friday from noon until four.

One things officials can assure the public is that any computer hard drive dropped off will be secured.

Officials say items like washer and dryers, stoves and refrigerators are not accepted. If you are unsure about it whether your item will be accepted, call Lexcall at 311.

Nothing is actually recycled at the center in Lexington. The goods that are collected are shipped to Ohio and Tampa where the recycling takes place.

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