Icy Roads Cause Crashes, Man Killed on Overpass

It may look like just rain, but when it hit bridges and overpasses on Tuesday afternoon, they turned into skating rinks.

Driving conditions on those elevated surfaces became treacherous.

Tuesday afternoon, police were called out to at least 45 crashes in and around Lexington.

Crashes brought traffic to a standstill at both the northern and southern splits of I-75. At the southern split, a man was killed after his car hit a median on the I-75 bridge over I-64. Police said the 55 year old man from Ohio was looking at the damage to his vehicle, when he was hit and killed by an out of control SUV.

Second shift police officers were called in early in Lexington to help respond to the large number of crashes.

Road crews were also busy throughout the afternoon, trying to keep roads from freezing further.

Officials are urging people to stay off the roads if at all possible on Tuesday night because of dangerous driving conditions.

Check the link below for the latest information on road conditions in Lexington.

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