Four Deaths Blamed On Icy Roads

While heavy rain is making roads slick on Wednesday, the conditions are much improved over Tuesday night.

Icy conditions caused more than 45 wrecks in the Lexington area, one deadly.

Police say a man got out of his car along the interstate to check the damage on his truck after a crash, when he was hit and killed by an SUV.

The coroner's office has identified the man as 55-year-old Paul Sturgill of Cincinnati.

27 NEWSFIRST has learned that Sturgill is the chief of the Owensville, Ohio Police Department.

Statewide, the icy roads killed four people.

A Louisville man died when his truck skidded off the road in Dawson Springs in western Kentucky and another deadly crash happened in Louisville.

In Breckinridge County, a 13-year-old girl died when the child's father stopped to help a stranded motorist. The driver that struck the child then fled the scene.

Also in Breckinridge County, an 11-year-old girl who was bringing cookies to her mail carrier was hit by a truck and killed. Police don't think that crash was weather related.

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