Thieves Take "Baby Jesus," Decorations From Somerset Neighborhood

Steve and Susan Mucci's three children could not believe their "baby Jesus" doll was missing from their nativity scene one day after school last week.

“I was furious. Really mad,” says 13 year old Coreena Mucci of seeing the plastic doll missing from their front yard nativity set.

Someone stole the baby Jesus, but they didn't stop there. Christmas lights were ripped from another house and police say many others in the Somerset neighborhood complained of similar decorations stolen. But Coreena says the loss of “baby Jesus” was especially hard to take.

“Who would stoop down so low. Just to steal that? I would have felt a whole lot better if it was something else,” she said.

Even Pulaski County Attorney Bill Thompson was a victim. In fact the family says Thompson was the one who returned the baby Jesus to them Tuesday night.

“I went into my room and said, thank you Lord, thank you Lord!!” exclaimed 6 year old Hannah Mucci.

Police were able to recover everything stolen and warrants are being drawn up for the arrests of those responsible. Police aren't commenting on a motive only to say it was “just silly mischief.”

But the Mucci's say they have used the incident to teach their children that Christmas should not be about material things...and

“Well not to steal really, because stealing is really, really bad,” declared 8 year old Sarah Mucci.

And as for those police say committed the crimes?

“I hope the person or the people who stole the baby Jesus hear about the true meaning of Christmas,” said Coreena.

Police say the suspects will be charged with receiving stolen property.

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