Israeli Foreign Minister Defends Military Strikes

WASHINGTON (AP) - Israel's foreign minister says the Jewish
state had "no alternative" but to launch a series of attacks in
Tzipi Livni (TSIH'-pee LIHV'-nee) said her country "tried
everything in order to avoid this military operation," but that
Israel would not live under attack by Hamas.
Livni said, "Israel is looking to give its citizens a decent
life, the right to live in peace and quiet like any other citizens
in the world."
The foreign minister, interviewed Monday on CBS's "The Early
Show," said she wishes Israel could live in peace, "but this is
not the situation unfortunately."
The Bush administration has blamed the renewed violence on
Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. The United States said Hamas
broke a cease-fire by firing rockets and mortars deep into Israeli
territory. The Arab world, however, has reacted with rage to the
aggressive Israeli counterattacks, which has killed and injured

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