Lexington Murder Confessions Revealed in Court

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New information today in the murder of a Lexington woman.

Today 78-year-old Marilyn Hegge's granddaughter, and two other suspects, appeared in court where a Lexington police officer revealed their confessions.

Heather McGlothen and Dominique Lewis are both accused of killing Marilyn Hegge.

Today Officer Steve McCown told a judge on December 9th, Dominique Lewis confessed he was the one who killed Hegge, and McGlothen helped come up with the plan. Both suspects say David Lewis helped them dispose of evidence from the home.

Police say Heather McGlothen also used Marilyn Hegge's credit card at an area Walmart after her murder.

She and Dominique Lewis are charged with burglary and murder in this case.

David Lewis is charged with burglary and tampering with physical evidence.

All three cases have now been waived to a Grand Jury.