Former Doctor Convicted in Second Trial

VANCEBURG, Ky. (AP) - A second trial for a former eastern
Kentucky doctor accused of overprescribing pain medicine has ended
with a single conviction.
The Independent of Ashland reports a Lewis County jury found
Fortune J. Williams guilty this month on one felony count and
recommended five years in prison.
Williams was originally convicted in 2003 on four counts of
unlawfully prescribing medicine and sentenced to 20 years in
prison. The Kentucky Supreme Court overturned that conviction in
2006 and ordered a new trial. That court ruled that detectives
raided Williams' medical office without a search warrant.
Williams was acquitted of three other charges during his second
Williams was one of several doctors in the Appalachian region
charged with illegally prescribing drugs at the height of a
crackdown on black market sales of prescription painkillers.

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