Widespread Vandalism in Georgetown Cemetery

Teresa Tingle is outraged by what's happened to her family's cemetery monument.

"Sadness. I feel sorry for them if this is all they had to do this time of the year, " says Tingle, pointing out the overturned flower pot and mess of flowers over her family's headstone decorations.

Damage to the Tingle plot is just a small part of the vandalism police spent hours investigating Tuesday morning. More than 50..perhaps 70...tombstones were knocked over.

"You're coming to a place that people come and grieve for loved ones and you're destroying the last thing that they have to visit," said Gene Cook with Georgetown Cemetery

Even the $35,000 American Legion monument wasn't spared. The Army and Coast Guard stones are laying flat. The vandalism is all over the cemetery....including some stones hundreds of years old.

"Anything they wanted to turn over they did," said Cook.

The cemetery and American Legion are putting up a combined $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

"I hope whoever did this, when you go to sleep tonight, you worry about God seeing what you did out here, you hurt a lot of families," said Tingle.

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