Will Slow Economy Affect New Year's Eve Festivities In Lexington?

Some cities around the country have canceled traditional New Years Eve parties because of worries about the economy.

So will Lexington's downtown nightlife be a little less raucous this new years?

It looks like Lexington's biggest party won't be quite as big this new years eve. Even with a promise of more food, advanced sales are down for the gala to ring in 2009 at the Lexington Downtown Hotel and Conference Center.

Sadly, if fewer revelers turn out, it'll hurt a worthy charity, God's Pantry.

Officials say for every can good or non perishable item that someone brings to the event, they will take $10 off the admission fee, and the hotel is going to match that.

Across the street The Hyatt Regency has dropped its package price by $20 in response to the struggling economy, and GM Larry Bell says they've been selling well.

Meanwhile at Dudley's Restaurant, owner Debbie Long is making a concession to the recession by scaling back dinner plans for new years eve a bit.

"This was really my chef's idea. He said this year maybe we should not do a pre-set menu which would run anywhere from $75 to $85 a person. We should do some really nice specials and we want people to feel that they can go out," Long says.

At least one restaurant owner is hoping that people tired of all the economic gloom and doom will want to rally on the river. Jason Seay, the owner of Ripetide Restaurant, says he's expanding his New Year's Eve plans.

There'll even be fireworks over the water at the stroke of midnight.

"We've done a big fireworks show for the 4th of July, and it drew a huge turnout so we decided we'd do it on New Year's Eve; just something a little big extra for the customers," says Seay.

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