Obama Team Seeks Public Input on Health Care

WASHINGTON (AP) - Incoming Secretary of Health and Human
Services Tom Daschle is polling the public in his effort to push
through serious health care reform in the early days of the Obama
Since Dec. 15, people across the country have held thousands of
meetings set up by President-elect Barack Obama's transition team
to air grievances about the health care system.
At a Meeting in Washington, D.C., yesterday, Daschle said the
volume of people looking to participate "is an indication of the
degree of severity and concern that people have all over the
The meetings resemble Congress' 2005 and 2006 efforts. Back
then, the Citizens Health Care Working Group heard from more than
6,600 people at 84 meetings around the country and more than 14,000
in an Internet survey. But, the group's recommendation's weren't
acted on.
Daschle is hoping that a deteriorating health care system means
his plans won't suffer the same fate.

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