China Dairy Boss Delayed Reporting Quality Issues

BEIJING (AP) - Trials have been taking place in China stemming
from the country's tainted milk scandal.
In one trial, a former dairy boss testified that she began
investigating product quality issues in May but did not notify
authorities until August.
The state Xinhua (shin-wah) News Agency says the former board
chairwoman has pleaded guilty to charges of producing and selling
fake or substandard products. Three other executives face similar
charges after being linked to infant formula contaminated with the
industrial chemical melamine.
They could be executed if convicted.
Melamine, commonly used to make plastics and fertilizer, has
been blamed for the deaths of at least six children and sickening
nearly 300,000 others.
Xinhua says 17 others have gone on trial over past few days. No
verdicts have been announced.

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