Viewers Pick Top 10 Stories of 2008

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2008 brought many stories that affected Kentuckians and 27Newsfirst was there the entire way to provide the details and information crucial to you. Here's what you felt were the top ten stories of 2008 in Central Kentucky.

In Lincoln County for six long years, police and family asked for help solving the murders of 18-year old Bo Upton and 20-year old Ryan Shangraw. In August, the big break would finally come.
It would be the first of five arrests in the case. One suspect pled guilty, four others await trial.

For nearly a half century, Bill Keightley, better known as "Mr. Wildcat" graced the sidelines at UK basketball games. Not as the coach or player, but the equipment manager.
"Mr. Wildcat" died after he fell from a bus at the Cincinnati Reds home opener. It was later found that an undiagnosed tumor on his spine led to internal bleeding. A public memorial was held at Rupp Arena.

It was what many believe got Steve Beshear elected Governor of Kentucky. But casino gambling has never made it past legislators. It has stalled in discussion a number of times.

For the first time in 44 years, Kentucky got it wrong. Voters didn't choose President Elect Barack Obama, instead giving John McCain the victory.

Instead of going to trial for killing two children, injuring another and raping and stabbing their mother in Gallatin County, Marco Chapman pled guilty and demanded death. His wish soon came true and he became the first person in Kentucky executed in nearly ten years.

At first, the thousands of fans and even the broadcasters at the Sec Tournament in Atlanta had no clue what was going on. Soon, it was evident, a tornado had hit the Georgia Dome. Somehow, no one was injured, but the dome was so badly damaged, the tournament had to be moved to Georgia Tech's arena.

A few weeks earlier, tornadoes tore through Kentucky. It was the third worst outbreak in our state's history. President Bush even assessed the damage in Western Kentucky, while some structures in Cynthiana, including houses were blown to the ground.

An announcement by Governor Steve Beshear knocked the wind out of Kentuckians.
A nearly 500 million dollar budget shortfall meant strict demands for cuts in just about everything, including education. The governor and his staff did their part, by taking a 10 percent pay cut.

Wall Street went the wrong direction, breaking all sorts of records for losses per day. September 18th saw the largest drop since the day the index reopened after 9/11. Kentucky wasn't able to avoid the impact either, many longtime businesses were forced to call it quits, including Dawahares.

The story of the year is a no brainer. The roller coaster that was gas prices. July saw an all-time high of $4.15 cents a gallon in Central Kentucky. It stayed there for weeks, but has slowly dropped to now a 4-year low of $1.50. Where will it go from here, it's anybody's guess. Happy New Year!

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