Fire Destroys Business in Estill County

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Firefighters responded to an early morning fire at Ricks Motorcycle & ATV Repair business in Estill County early Friday morning, where all items inside were at a total loss.

A fire broke out at a building on Dry Branch Road in Irvine in Estill County a little before seven o'clock Friday morning.

For the last five years, the building has served at a Motorcycle and ATV repair shop for Rick Moore. He says his brother owns the building, but his business inside keeps him busy.

"Someone had just dropped off two go-carts and two lawnmowers and then a bunch of 4-wheelers and several motorcycles", says Rick Moore.

But, those items are now gone. Firefighters and family members were unable to save them.

"The structure already started collapsing on itself and the roof was coming down. The dangers of going inside were too great", says Teddy Stamper, the Assistant Fire Chief with the Hargett Fire Department.

As the Moore family sat back and watched the fire take over the building, they also watched it destroy sentimental belongings.

"The main thing my husband worried about was trucks belonging to his deceased brother", says Barbara Moore, whose husband owns the building.

"My brother has been dead 11 years and several of his vehicles were in the back. It's a total loss. They're all gone", says Rick Moore.

Although this family says they were able to pull out one of those trucks before the fire spread, it suffered some damage. Now they say the rest of what they had is gone and beyond repair, with no insurance to pay for what was lost.

Firefighters believe the fire started near the front of the building where the repair shop was located. They are still investigating the cause.

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