KSP Cadets Report To Training

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A rigorous 23 weeks of training is underway for 55 men and women hoping to become the newest Kentucky State Troopers.

The members of the 87th cadet class fell into formation at one o'clock Sunday afternoon. They lined up in formation and received a stern welcome from one of the troopers who will be training them. The cadets then rushed up to their dorm rooms, changed clothes and reported to their next assignment - their first physical assessment test.

"If you ask any trooper, they'll tell you that they'll remember this day the reste of their lives," said Sargeant David Jude.

Jude says the cadets will undergo a dynamic training regimen that will challenge them physically and mentally.

"They'll undergo anything from physical fitness to academic to vocational, shooting, driving, defensive tactics. They're really put to the test here," he says.

The cadets are paid while they attend the academy. They stay in dorms at the headquarters during the 23-week training and are allowed to go home on the weekends. Those who make it through the training will graduate on June 12, 2009.

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