Rider Who Fell at Rolex Event Back in the Saddle Again

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Probably no one would have blamed Laine
Ashker if she had walked away from riding after a fall last spring
nearly took her life, and did take that of her horse.
Well, not only is she back up on horses, she'd like to get back
to the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, the same event during which
she had her fall in April.
As Ashker's horse, Frodo Baggins, was attempting a jump at the
"flower basket" fence, his front legs hit the fence, throwing
rider and horse to the ground. Ashker's jaw, ribs, collarbone and
shoulder blade were broken. She and Frodo both had skull fractures
and lung injuries.
Ashker doesn't remember the fall, she told the Lexington
Herald-Leader, but takes all responsibility for it, saying
accidents on the course are the rider's fault 90 percent of the
time. She tries not to dwell on it.
"I made a mistake, and it resulted in something that shouldn't
have happened," she said. "And I have to think of it that way,
otherwise I'll drive myself crazy."
Ashker returned home to Crozier, Va., after three weeks in
University of Kentucky Hospital. This time when she got home, Frodo
wasn't there waiting for her.

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