Parking Meter Rates Jump In Downtown Lexington

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Beginning Monday, get ready to dig a little deeper the next time you park around downtown Lexington.

Parking meter prices will go up from 25 cents an hour to a dollar per hour.

It's a 400% jump.

That includes Vine, Main, Short and all intersecting streets.

Some meters in peripheral areas, within a few blocks of downtown, will be at a reduced rate of 50-cents per hour.

Parking authorities say the last rate increase took place in 1983, and they say the turnover in parking spaces will improve flow of new customers for businesses.

But some disagree, including downtown business owners like Merits Furniture Owner Stanley Hitchner who fears the rate increase will deter people from coming downtown.

Parking authorities say the price increase will help pay for improvements in parking like the solar powered Pay & Display meters and parking enforcement.

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