Three Plead Guilty To EKU Fraternity Hazing

Three men accused of beating an Eastern Kentucky University student in a fraternity hazing ritual have pleaded guilty and agreed to serve home incarceration.

Thomas Barnes, Alonzo McGill and Gabriel McLaren pleaded guilty Monday to fourth-degree assault charges in Madison County District Court.

In plea agreements, McLaren got the harshest sentence of 100 days of home incarceration because he was in charge of the pledging process at Kappa Alpha Psi.

Barnes got the lightest recommended sentence of 30 days because he was the first to talk to police. McGill agreed to receive 70 days.

Brent Whiteside was prepared to face those he says beat him with paddles, canes and fists. Instead, he listened as there plea deals were announced. "I would have liked to see them spend some time in jail," Whitesaid said. He said he was happy it was all over, but admitted his life will never be the same. "Whenever I run into people, they associate me with this. I am never given a fair shot, but hopefully one day I will just be able to be Brent Whiteside."

The three men could have their records expunged if they comply with the terms of their sentencing agreement.

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