High Profile Murder Case Back In Court

A high profile murder case is once again back in the spotlight.

A jury found Roger McBeath guilty back in 2004 of murdering pregnant teenager Ashley Lyons.

Now, the case is starting all over after the state's high court granted him a new trial, citing improper evidence.

He was back in court on Monday morning for a hearing.

Roger McBeath joined his attorney in front of the judge during a regular hearing preparing for his new trial Monday morning in Scott County.

In court, McBeath's attorney asked the judge to continue his case, pushing back the start date of his April trial. She argued she needed help from another public defender in her office in order to fully represent McBeath in his new trial.

Rather than push back the proceedings, the judge set the case for review next month hoping McBeath's attorney could find help between now and then.

For now, McBeath's new trial is set to begin April 17th.

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