Israel Pounds Gaza Targets, as World Leaders Push for Truce

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - Israeli troops have been
consolidating positions in Gaza today, seizing control of high-rise
buildings and attacking houses, mosques and Hamas smuggling
They have effectively sliced Gaza in half, after seizing the
main highway. They've also taken sparsely populated areas in
northern Gaza and dug in on the edges of Gaza City. The military
says its forces are prepared for urban warfare if it's needed,
having undergone training in a mock Arab city over the past two
Palestinian health officials put the known Palestinian death
toll from the ground invasion at more than 80. They say at least 14
children have been killed in the latest actions. Gaza's biggest
hospital says it's overwhelmed with casualties, with the wounded
filling the hallways, and its morgue full.
The majority of confirmed deaths have been civilians, and that's
fueling an international outcry. Meanwhile, European leaders are
headed to Israel to push for a truce.

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