Alaska Investigator says Politics Slowed Drug Arrest

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - A drug investigator says a high-profile
arrest in Alaska was delayed until after the November election.
The woman who was arrested was the mother of Levi Johnston,
who's engaged to Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol. They're the
parents of a newborn son.
The Anchorage Daily News cites an e-mail from drug investigator
Kyle Young, who says the search warrant for Sherry Johnston's home
was delayed for political reasons.
But the state's public safety commissioner says the case was
handled fairly. He says no one in the governor's office knew that
troopers were investigating until Johnston's house was searched.
He says after the search, he called Palin's chief of staff to
alert him of a potential media frenzy.
Sherry Johnston was arrested in mid-December on six felony drug
counts. She's accused of selling Oxycontin, a strong prescription

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