Chrysler Year-to-Year Sales Down More Than 50 Percent

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) - Chrysler says its December U.S. sales
plunged 53 percent, blaming a tough economy with driving customers
from showrooms.
Chrysler sold a total of 89,813 vehicles compared with 191,423
in the same month last year. Despite the drop, the month's sales
were up about 5 percent from November levels.
GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda are all reporting declines of more
than 30 percent, with the two Japanese carmakers faring worse than
their U.S. competitors.
Ford's U.S. sales fell 32 percent in December, while GM's were
down 31. Toyota had the steepest decline at 37 percent. Honda's
sales were off 35 percent.