You Can Now Return Your Car

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It's a new year and Hyundai is offering a new deal. Basically if you buy a new vehicle from the automaker and loose your job this year, you can return the car for up to $7500.

Hyundai says innovation and risk taking is what they need to get people buying cars and SUVs again. Starting Tuesday, every new car that is sold by Hyundai will come with "The Hyundai Assurance."

The plan works like this, if you experience a life changing situation like losing your job, a disability or death in the first year of leasing the car, the dealer will buy the car back, giving back up to $7500 and erasing any additional debt on the car.

Rick Asher from Glenn Automotive group says Hyundai has taken risk, like being the first to offer the power train warranty, and it has paid off in terms of sales, he's hopeful this risk will also payoff the same way.

The offer goes into affect January 6th.

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