Business Burglar May Be Responsible For Other Break-ins

He's caught on tape, breaking into a business early Tuesday morning and police say it's not his first target.

Now they hope someone recognizes the man who hit the Frenchburg Dollar General Store in Menifee County.

Police say during that burglary, the man entered from the back of the store, talking on his cell phone. Police think he was chatting with an accomplice in a getaway car.

An alarm system at the Dollar General scared the crooks off before they got away with anything.

But police think this duo has hit before. They believe the same people are responsible for burglaries at the IGA and Ross' Grocery at the end of last month.

Police are also looking into the possibility that the same people are behind crimes in other counties, including a break-in at the Dollar General Store in Stanton late Monday night.

Police say they'll be doing extra patrols around Frenchburg until the suspects are caught.

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