House Speaker Re-elected

WASHINGTON (AP) - The woman who made history two years ago by
becoming the first female speaker of the House has been re-elected
to that post.

House colleagues today chose Nancy Pelosi to continue as
speaker. Her fellow Democrats, with an expanded majority, elected
her over Republican John Boehner (BAY'-nur) on the first day of the
111th Congress.

Pelosi received 255 votes, to Boehner's 174. The announcement
was met with a standing ovation from fellow lawmakers.

Pelosi then swore-in the newly-elected members of the House.

She and House Republican leader John Boehner (BAY'-nur) each
pledged to work together to deal with the troubled economy and
other challenges.

There are 54 freshmen House members and two freshmen delegates.

Democrats hold a majority of 256 to 178 with one vacancy, a gain of
more than 20 seats since the end of the previous Congress.

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