False Alarm For Jet Carrying Louisville Cardinals

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - An official says a charter plane carrying
the Louisville men's basketball team to a game in Florida had to
return to the Louisville airport after a warning light falsely
indicated a fire on board.
Houston-based ExpressJet spokeswoman Kristy Nicholas says the
plane was at about 10,000 feet and less than 10 minutes into its
flight Tuesday when a warning message in the cockpit indicated
there was a fire on board. Nicholas says it proved to be a false
alarm, comparing it to a "check engine" light going on in a car.
Louisville associate athletic director Kenny Klein says there
were no injuries and the team members left the 41-passenger plane
by the same way they had boarded and did not have to evacuate on
emergency slides. Klein says head coach Rick Pitino was also aboard
the flight.
Klein says the team expects to travel to Tampa on a different
plane later Tuesday for its Wednesday game against South Florida.
The Cardinals are currently ranked No. 23 after defeating
Kentucky on Sunday.
Associated Press writers Jeffrey McMurray in Lexington and Ann
Gibson in Louisville contributed to this report.

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