Baby's Body May End Up In KY Dump

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It's a shocking story for anyone to hear; a hospital throws away the body of a newborn.

The baby, named Basheare, was thrown in the trash in Jersey City. Police say they are searching landfills in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and even in Kentucky at landfills that take trash from that area.

On Wednesday, a train headed to Boyd County from New Jersey was stopped in Greenup County. Kentucky State Police tell us it was the train they were waiting for from New Jersey, containing trash.

They are now working with New Jersey police to determine what their next step will be. At this point, authorities and hospital officials just don't know where the body of this baby is.

In the meantime, the baby's mother is just demanding answers to where her baby is.

Kalynn Moore, Basheare's mother, says he was born several days before the Christmas holiday at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, but he died 20 minutes later, despite doctors' efforts to save him.

His little body was taken to the hospital morgue, but when the funeral home came to get him, he was gone.

Christ Hospital officials are not disputing the police departments statements that the baby's corpse was discarded.

The family says they may pursue a lawsuit against the hospital.

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