3-hour Halt to Israeli Offensive Brings Promise of More

GAZA CITY, Gaza (AP) - After 12 days of airstrikes and ground
fighting in Gaza, there have at least been moments of quiet and
talk of peace today.
Israel ordered a three-hour pause in its offensive to allow food
and fuel into the territory. Medics were able to retrieve bodes in
areas that had been too dangerous to approach. But Israeli forces
pressed on with the offensive once the halt ended at 4 p.m. Hamas
also resumed rocket fire.
The Israeli military says it will open a humanitarian corridor
into Gaza for a few hours at least every other day. Still, the head
of U.N. relief operations in Gaza says a full day of a ceasefire is
needed to bring in sufficient aid.
Meanwhile, Israel is sending an envoy to Cairo tomorrow to
discuss a cease-fire proposal from the presidents of France and
Egypt. It says it needs guarantees that a truce will halt militant
rocket fire and prevent Hamas from rearming.
For its part, Hamas is demanding that blockaded border crossings
into Gaza be opened.

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