US Says Troops Kill 32 Insurgents in East Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - The U.S. military says coalition
troops have killed 32 insurgents after a raid on a Taliban
bomb-making cell in eastern Afghanistan.
In a statement, the military says a firefight broke out when as
many as 75 militants converged on the troops, shooting at them from
rooftops and alleyways. It says the troops also destroyed two
weapons stockpiles and roadside bomb-making materials.
A local lawmaker says residents told him civilians were killed
when buildings collapsed as the weapons were destroyed. He says at
least 22 bodies have been recovered, including women and children.
But the military says troops moved civilians to a safe location
before detonating the weapons and there were no civilian
casualties. It also says one of the militants killed was a woman.
Also today, Afghan army and coalition troops killed six
militants in a raid in western Farah province.

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