Lexington Recycling More Electronics Than Ever

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Lexington is now offering electronic recycling service 6 days a week.

The convenient recycling hours has prompted more residents to bring their old gadgets such as computers, printers and analog televisions.

The Division of Waste Management suspects that the recent surge of analog televisions could be due to the digital transition coming in February.

Steve Feese, Director of Division of Waste Management, says, "It would not be unexpected for us to see and 3-4 fold increase in whatever we've received over the last couple of years."

Feese urges residents to take advantage of this safe, environmentally-friendly way to dispose of your electronics. Many analog TVs and old computer monitors contain lead that would be harmful if taken to a landfill.

The digital t.v. conversion will take place February 17, 2009. You may drop off your electronics to be recycled at 1306 Versailles Road.

They are now open Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon and Wednesday-Friday from Noon-4 p.m.

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