6,000+ New Jobs In Lexington A Possibility

President-elect Barack Obama greets visitors on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Jan. 5, 2009, as he walks to meet with Congressional Republican and Democratic leader. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
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President-Elect thinks the best way to get the national economy back on track is to kick local economies into high gear.

Right here in Kentucky, Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry is now working with Mr. Obama's team to boost the city's economy.

The transition team told mayor Newberry and hundreds of mayors across the nation to make a list of thing they need to get done. The President-Elect will push to get the money for the projects.

So far Lexington has submitted 124 project ideas, totaling 454 million dollars, for everything from bridge and road repairs, to cultural center renovations. If all the projects are approved that could create more than six thousand jobs in Lexington.

But before we get the check, Mr. Obama has to decide how much he's willing to ask Congress for, and then Congress has to approve the money.

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