U-Turn Trouble?

A new addition to one of Lexington's busiest roads has caught some drivers off guard.

The state added U-turn signs along a section of New Circle Road because a new median has made it tougher to turn into businesses, but drivers are raising questions and concerns.

The Department of Highways says the signs were necessitated by a 2007 construction project that raised the median on New Circle from Newtown Pike almost to Winchester Road.

"That increased the number of vehicles making a U-turn movement, and we got some complaints about conflicts with right turn movements from side streets coming into contact those those making U-turns. The public has that mind set about not making U-turns, and in a lot of locations, we don't want U-turns, but his route in particular where we're limiting the access, we feel it's safer," said state traffic engineer Kelly Baker.

The number of accidents has gone down since the median went up.

"You had those who could turn left out of various entrances, several lanes to cross, and it was just a dangerous move to make," Baker said.

And we're told there were far more complaints before the signs went up.

"We've had them up for about 6 months now, and we found we haven't received the complaints like we had before the signs went up so feel like it's really improved things," Baker said.

The Transportation Cabinet is now considering extending the raised median on New Circle from Winchester Road to Richmond Road, which some say will mean more U-turns on the road.

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