States Trading Trash

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Do you know where your trash ends up? Kentucky has a little more than two dozen landfills to serve all 120 counties.

But, there are other states also filling up the landfills. Nearly 700-thousand tons of trash from all seven surrounding states as well as New Jersey come to Kentucky.

Paul Nesbitt of Nesbitt Engineering of Lexington says it is much cheaper for larger states to contract out to dump their trash. "In less populous states it is easier to find space to dump and cheaper, in populous states like New Jersey that is much more difficult," said Nesbitt.

George Gilbert, of Kentucky Division of Waste Management says distance is not always the deal breaker either. "To send it by truck is ten cents per ton per mile. To put it on a rail is something like twenty dollars per ton."

Last year, Kentucky also exported about 500-thousand tons of it's waste to other states.

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