Flood Warning Puts Estill County On Alert

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Estill County emergency crews are getting ready for a possible flood. The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for Estill County communities.

Flood waters are expected to rise throughout Wednesday night and into Thursday, possibly shutting down major roads like State Highway 1571, including one section that connects Estill and Lee Counties near the Millers Creek community.

High water signs already stand in some low lying areas, but additional barriers and signs are in position for an emergency to hit in case flood waters flow into the roads.

By 1:00 Thursday afternoon, the National Weather Service is predicting flood levels will peak at about 11 feet above normal levels.

Estill County Emergency responders say they have been taking a proactive approach, making reverse 911 calls warning residents and monitoring weather conditions closely.

Estill County officials are and are urging anyone approaching high water to turn away and use an alternate route.

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